DR P3 ab 2011 nur noch via DAB?

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From Denmark a short comment: The proposal from the ruling party "Venstre" should be seen in connection with the on-going negotiations about DR's public service contract for the years to come. As "Venstre" is not known for being a big fan of DR, and as commercial radio has not yet proved economically feasable in Denmark (too low contact-price for the ads), this proposal seems more as an enforcement of yet another unpopular decision, than a sober media-political suggestion. The problem is that the Danish market is too small to sustain media pluralism without market intervention like public service radio. DR might be strong now but things are changing. Furthermore, the problem is that the DAB format is old and the recievers are of low quality, due to the small market for DAB worldwide.

Jannick Sørensen, Ph.d. scholar, University of Southern Denmark